Bungalow EN

Te Arabiam bungalow consists of a  beautiful large room and a separate bathroom. The bathroom is very spacious with window, shower, vanity, toilet and beautiful shelf for cosmetics. In the bungalow there is a sleeping area with brick double bed, which is framed by a magnificent canopy. Next to it is the large wardrobe and the extra bed. The living area, with the impressive open fireplace and the brick benches immediately stands out with a very Special detail: It is the fantastic, extraordinary table. It consists of a stone weighing several tons, found during earthworks on the finca. An absolute eye-catcher. After the living area, the dining table with four chairs follows and then, separated by a bar, the coffee kitchen. This is equipped with glasses, cups and coffee maker. Of course, there is a satellite TV, a music system and a number of books for general entertainment in the bungalow. The premises are ventilated with fans.

The terrace at the entrance to the Arabian guest house is shaded by beautiful ivy bows and the garden behind it is ideal for meditation or yoga exercises.



Entrance to the Bungalow

Living area

coffee kitchen

Dining table


Eating area

Double bed

Bett mit Baldachin

Bathroom with shower

Ivy garden in front of the bungalow