Studio EN

The studio can accommodate 2 people and was refurbished in 2011. The decor is very modern compared to the traditional finca. The floors of this apartment are made of marble, as well as the complete bathroom. The rooms are separated by frosted glass sliding doors. The bright bathroom has an oversized shower, a large design sink, toilet and plenty of counter space. The coffee kitchen is well stocked and there is also a small dining table with chairs in this room. In the entrance room there is a double bed with a modern built-in wardrobe, a comfortable leather couch and a small desk. The large LCD TV hangs on the wall above the desk. If you would like to treat yourself to a nice audiobook or a goodnight music in the evening, then you have the opportunity in the studio as well. The modern guest house is equipped with air conditioning. The highlight of the apartment is the gigantic view from the window in the cactus rock garden.

Entrance to the studio

Sleeping and living area

double bed


Bathroom with a shower

Bad im Studio
Bad mit Dusche

Small coffee kitchen